Financial Advisor in Clarksville, VA

Financial Advisor in Clarksville, VA

Charles Russell manages our James River Advisors Clarksville location. He works as our financial advisor in Clarksville, VA. Charles works closely with members of our operations team to give a broader look at financial planning. This collaboration between branches allows our Clarksville office to advise on other financial topics, like 1031 exchanges, tax matters, trusts, insurance and more. James River Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor, making us a great fit for individuals and families ranging from early career savers to pre-retirement and retirement clients. Our Clarksville office has worked with clients on a variety of financial planning topics, including: investments, trusts, college planning, retirement planning and tax planning.

Charles Russell, James River Advisors

Charles Russell, Senior Partner

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At all James River Advisors offices, we believe in establishing deep, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Customer service is a priority to us. In fact, we limit the number of clients we serve so we can know and understand our clients better, and make sure each client has access to us whenever needed.

Our Clarksville, VA Office

500 Virginia Ave Clarksville, VA 23927| (434) 374-2200

Our office is located in Clarksville. Clarksville is a city in Southern Virginia, in proximity to South Boston, VA and Halifax, VA. Clarksville is home to many beautiful landscapes, including Kerr Lake and Occoneechee State Park.


Our office is conveniently positioned near the major employers in the area, including the HP Clarksville Data Center, VCU memorial Hospital, Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative and more. This makes us the perfect financial advisor for employees in Clarksville, VA and the surrounding areas of South Boston and Halifax.

To get to our office from South Boston, VA: take US-360 E/US-58 E for about nineteen miles. Then turn left onto US-58 BUS E (Virginia Ave) and our office is located on the left.

To get to our office from Halifax, VA: get on 501 S until you can exit onto US-360 E/US-58 E for about nineteen miles. Then turn left onto US-58 BUS E (Virginia Ave) and our office is located on the left.

James River Advisors answers your questions about financial advisors

Q: What does it mean that James River is a Registered Investment Advisor?
A: In order to be a Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), advisors will have to apply to start the registration process. Not only is this registration indicative of our expertise, RIAs have certain requirements in place to ensure we are looking out for our clients.

Q: Is James River Advisors paid through fees or commissions?
A: James River Advisors is a fee-only financial advisor. We charge you one simple fee based on the amount of assets under management. Asset-based fees help align our mutual interests since as your account grows, we grow as well. Plus, the fee is all-inclusive, which means it includes financial planning support.

Q: What does it mean that James River Advisors is a fiduciary?
A: It means James River Advisors is legally and ethically bound to always put your best interests ahead of its own. Not all financial advisors are fiduciaries! Whether or not you choose to work with James River Advisors, make sure to choose an advisor who is a fiduciary.

Q: Do I have to be wealthy to work with a financial advisor in Clarksville, VA?
A: Not at James River Advisors. We work with individuals at all different financial stages in life. Some of our longest and most successful client relationships have been with individuals who started small and worked with us on a financial plan over time.

Q: I’m concerned about sharing my personal finances. Will my information be kept confidential?
A: Client confidentiality is a top priority at James River Advisors. As a financial advisor in Clarksville, VA, a small community, and we know how sensitive the matters we discuss with clients are. We have a complete privacy policy to address all confidentiality concerns clients may have.