Planning for Today and Tomorrow

Financial Planning

Investments are only a part of the picture.  To reach your goals, careful financial planning must be done so you have a road map to get where you want to go.  We help you define your goals and discover a path to get you to your desired endpoint, and build in protections along the way since life does not always go as planned.

Financial Planning for your best life

Most people don’t plan and as a result, they never reach their goals.  We’re here to help ensure you do!  So planning is a big part of our process.

Financial planning is even more important today as health research and medical innovations continue to extend life expectancies.  As a result of these developments, some people may spend more years in retirement than they originally spent accumulating their nest egg.  Careful planning is needed to make sure you save, invest, and protect your money effectively to reach your goals far in the future.

Financial planning also includes planning for the unexpected:

  • What if you lose your job or your business experiences a downturn?
  • What if you get hit with a lawsuit?
  • What if you become disabled and are not able to work in your current occupation?

Our everyday lives contain many uncertainties.  Financial planning helps us look at possible solutions so we are prepared for what life throws at us.

Experience to Help Navigate Life’s Obstacles

With James River Advisors, our experts know how to work with you to ask these questions and develop sound answers.

Together, we’ll chart a course for your future.

  • We’ll examine your insurance needs and coverage to make sure you have enough protection for the future
  • We’ll help you with estate planning so your wealth will be preserved for future generations or for causes you care about
  • We’ll help you envision the future you want and formulate a plan to pay for it
  • We’ll help you plan and adjust for competing priorities, such as saving for your own future while funding the cost of your children’s college education.

Then, we’re here to help you address anything that comes up and adjust your plan accordingly.

Keeping You Accountable to Yourself

Financial planning is of no use to you if your plan just sits on a shelf.  To help you achieve your life goals, that plan needs to be your interactive road map.

This is where we can help.  Once your plan is in place, you’ll have a clear action plan on the steps needed to reach your goals.  We’ll review it periodically together to make sure you are staying accountable to your own goals.  If you fall behind, we’ll work with you to find a workaround or the best way to move forward.

Real life involves a lot of day to day financial planning decisions:

  • Should I refinance the house?
  • Should I buy or lease my next car?
  • Should I buy an investment property?
  • Should I invest in my brother’s business?

Our team acts as your second opinion, helping to avoid decisions that you might later regret.

Whatever your goals require, our team can help you reach them.  We’ll always be a phone call or email away to get the advice you need.

Wondering if James River Advisors can help you achieve your goals?

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