Investment Services

Investment Services

Solid investment management will help you meet your goals and ensure you can sleep soundly at night.  We work together with you to design a portfolio that allows you to do both.  Our experts will research, stress test and implement the strategy you approve.

Investment management focused on your goals

Before we take over investment management for a client, we want to develop an investment strategy that supports your goals.  At the same time, the str must provide you peace of mind and help you avoid taking on too much risk.  To achieve that balance, we will work with you to review many aspects of your financial life:

  • Your investment experience, history and preferences
  • Your ideal retirement age
  • The level of risk you can financially afford to take
  • The level of risk you are comfortable with emotionally

These inputs will be used to build a diversified portfolio that is in alignment with all your goals and constraints.

The Right Team

At James River Advisors, we utilize conservative,  diversified investment strategies.  With decades of collective experience, we know how to navigate the market through different economic and market cycles.

We also believe that true diversification may include both traditional investments (stocks and bonds) as well as non-traditional investments, including:

Additionally, we always consider tax implications so that your money works hardest for you.

Our investment team includes financial advisors, certified public accountants and other professionals to help give you a wide range of experience and perspectives.

Keeping You on Track to Your Goals

Most investors are their own worst enemies.  One of our most important jobs in terms of investment management is to help you avoid the mistakes that stop most people from reaching their goals:

  • Over-investing in hot markets
  • Panic selling at the worst times
  • Selling or failing to invest during bear markets
  • Leaving retirement accounts at past employers while not taking advantage of better options
  • Not taking advantage of advisor assistance with 401K investments within your current employer’s plan

Part of investment management is helping you avoid these mistakes. That way, you can make faster progress toward your goals.

Safeguarding your Money

As an independent investment advisor, it is important to provide you with a trusted and secure place to hold your assets.  We utilize well-established custodians to ensure the security and safety of your money:

  • Fidelity Investments, who safeguards $5.7 trillion of customer assets for over 26 million people*
  • TD Ameritrade, who safeguards over $750 billion in total assets for over 5,700 advisors**
  • Folio, an innovator in the investment custodian business, safeguards assets for more than 1,000 advisors and more than a billion of client assets **

These custodians benefit you by providing the security measures necessary to keep your money safe as well as giving you independent  reporting.

 *as of Dec. 31, 2016   **as reported on company website May 9, 2017

Maximizing your Retirement Accounts

Most people have a significant portion of their nest egg in their employer retirement account(s).  However, not all employer retirement plans are created equal.  Some involve limited fund choices or high-fee options that you’d be better off avoiding.

With James River Advisors, we can assist you to ensure your retirement money is optimally invested for your future. Our strategies allow you access to investment options outside of your employer plan through the use of a Self-Directed Brokerage option if your plan allows.

Our advisors can also assist you in rolling over old retirement accounts from former employers into an IRA.

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At James River Advisors, our investment experts utilize conservative, low cost, diversified investment strategies that have stood the test of time.  With decades of collective experience, we know how to navigate the market through different economic and market cycles.